The View Pummels Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg Over Whistleblower Revelations: ‘Shame on You’


The View offered unanimous criticism for Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg in light of the explosive insights revealed by whistleblower Frances Haugen.

On Tuesday, the show reacted to Haugen’s hearing before the British Parliament, where she testified about Facebook’s spread of misinformation, the site’s fueling of political extremism, and other details from the leaked cache of internal documents known as “the Facebook Papers.” Frances also called for increased regulations on Facebook, so Whoopi Goldberg started things off by asking Joy Behar “What does accountability look like here?”

Behar almost immediately went after Zuckerberg, who she referred to as “this little nerd.”

“Trump must be so jealous,” Behar said. “He’s becoming, like, the most evil person on the planet, this guy. Something has to be done, and I don’t understand why it isn’t just done like that,” as she snapped her fingers.

Sara Haines and guest host Gretchen Carlson followed up by saying the Facebook problem is worsened by a lack of understanding of how technology works, plus Congress isn’t working fast enough to rein in the social network. Carlson added that “Republicans in Congress are responsible for a lot of this” because they keep pushing the “big lie,” and “that is what has fractured our nation.”

While Sunny Hostin said she was “nervous” about the idea of government overreach and policing freedom of speech on the internet, she also noted that the Justice Department has antitrust laws that ought to prevent Facebook from continually buying up all of their competitors. She also suggested that Zuckerberg might’ve lied to Congress by dramatically overstating how much hate speech Facebook has scrubbed from its platform.

The panel went on to discuss whether Zuckerberg has too much power over Facebook, and whether concerns from employees are being acknowledged within the company. They also debated over Facebook’s culpability for providing a platform to troubling content.

“If you are allowing this misinformation, shame on you,” Goldberg said, “Yes, you are a platform and other people can do stuff, but if you are seeing that they’re setting the world on fire and you’re doing nothing to stop it, it’s in your hands.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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