The View Rips Trump for ‘Trying to Co-Opt Heroism’ With Claim He Was ‘Down There’ After 9/11

The View had universal disapproval for President Donald Trump on Tuesday as they reviewed the dubious claims he made while signing the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Bill.

When Trump held a ceremony for the bill-signing at the White House yesterday, he insisted that he doesn’t consider himself a first responder, but spoke of his time at Ground Zero by saying “I was down there. I spent a lot of time down there with you.” When Whoopi Goldberg reacted to those comments, she panned Trump by saying he “could not resist making himself part of this,” and that “I don’t think [first responders] consider you one either.”

The discussion continued with the panel reacting to how Trump called WWOR after the 9/11 attacks to talk about how the World Trade Center’s collapse meant he now owned the tallest building in downtown Manhattan.

“Mine’s bigger than yours,” Joy Behar reacted mockingly. “It’s all about you-know-what.”

Meghan McCain eventually got in to talk about how heartbroken she was about was over the recent death of Luis Alvarez, the 9/11 first responder who worked with Jon Stewart to demand congressional action on the compensation bill’s extension.

“I think of his son almost every day now,” McCain said, “and to sit there and act like our president has any kind of experience like the Alvarez family and what they went through…If we could just have some respect for people who did the hardest jobs on one of the most horrific days in history.”

“The fact that he’s trying to co-opt heroism is unbelievable,” Sunny Hostin said. “You know who was there the very next day after 9/11?…Hillary Clinton was there. She was there the very next day. Rudy Giuliani was there. Governor [George] Pataki was there the very next day. He wasn’t there as far as I could tell.”

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