The View Shows No Pity to Cohen Over Prison Sentence: ‘He’s a Thug Just Like His Boss’


Even though Michael Cohen has apparently turned against former boss Donald Trump,  The View didn’t show him much sympathy Thursday as they discussed his three year prison sentence.

The hosts of The View discussed the implications for Robert Mueller and the National Enquirer‘s admission that they worked with Cohen and Trump to suppress negative stories about the latter. The hosts expressed skepticism over Cohen’s emotional courtroom speech, especially since one of Trump’s most loyal soldiers is now claiming his old boss made him live in a state of “personal and mental incarceration.”

“This guy was not a good person,” Abby Huntsman remarked. “He sounded like a victim yesterday and I don’t feel bad for a second.”

As Joy Behar recalled how Cohen once made a profane and vicious threat to The Daily Beast, she told her colleagues “let’s not canonize Michael Cohen, okay? He’s a thug just like his boss.”

This led to a broader conversation about how many people in Trump’s orbit have ended up in deep legal trouble.

Watch above, via ABC.

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