The View Tackles Moonves Allegations: Women Are Saying He ‘Terrorized Their Careers’


The View this morning opened with a discussion of the serious sexual misconduct allegations against CBS chief Les Moonves.

The co-hosts went back and forth over comments by CBS Films President Terry Press, who said, “If we paint episodes of vulgar (and deeply regrettable) behavior from 20 years ago with the same brush as serial criminal behavior, we will never move forward and more importantly, we eschew the complicated nuances of context for the easier path of absolutes.”

Sunny Hostin responded to the people defending Moonves by saying, “Just because he was a good guy to you doesn’t mean he wasn’t a horrible guy to someone else. And just because he’s a good guy doesn’t mean he’s incapable of bad behavior.”

“Maybe he is a good guy,” she added, “but these accusations––I think you have to err on the side of believing the women and if it is true he not only made these unwanted passes but he terrorized their careers for saying no.”

Joy Behar was struck by the “delusion” that this kind of behavior can be considered a come-on

Meghan McCain addressed the idea of normalizing this kind of behavior by dismissively arguing everyone was doing it back then, saying, “There’s guys that were around working in the 1950s and 60s that weren’t rubbing their genitals on women and then retaliating against them.”

She also said that powerful men have been given “so many chances” and right now plenty of women are “past the point of forgiveness.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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