Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defends The ‘Tanning Mom’ On The View

It’s the story that wouldn’t die — the so-called “Tanning Mom” from New Jersey has hit back at critics of her sunless tanning habit, calling her detractors “fat, ugly and jealous.” Even though she seems like a great person, Elisabeth Hasselbeck felt compelled to defend her. When Whoopi Goldberg argued that the continuing interest in her stems from concerns about skin cancer, Hasselbeck retorted “People aren’t concerned about her, they’re worried about her parenting!”

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She also emphasized that she didn’t believe that the woman is “psychotic,” and Barbara Walters piped in to agree that she doesn’t believe that there should be legal repercussions that have to do with people’s personal appearance. Nonetheless, Whoopi argued that the hubbub ought to be a wake up call. The “Tanning Mom” seems pretty incapable of heeding any kind of wake-up call, but you never know!

You can see the clip here, via ABC:

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