The View Tears Into Tucker Carlson for Avenatti Interview: The Whole of Fox News Was a ‘Sleaze Factory!’


By now you’ve probably heard that Tucker Carlson and Michael Avenatti fought last night and it was a bit of a trainwreck. Carlson’s chyrons kept using the “creepy porn lawyer” nickname, Avenatti asked Carlson when he last watched porn––you get the idea.

After the interview, Avenatti took to Twitter to react to those chyrons and call Carlson a liar.

On The View this morning, Whoopi Goldberg said the interview went “exactly the way you kinda thought they might.”

Abby Huntsman, who up until recently worked at Fox News, said it just felt like two men “trying to out-macho the other.”

Sunny Hostin said Avenatti came out on top, particularly because of Carlson’s chyron pettiness:

“You call yourself a television host and it’s on a news platform. I mean, that’s something we’d never be allowed to do. Our legal standards are beyond that. We wouldn’t be allowed to call a guest that. And to shame, you know, a lawyer for representing a client––why doesn’t he call the President the creepy porn president?”

Joy Behar, on the other hand, asid, “I find it really, really rich that they’re calling sleaze on Fox when––who ran Fox? Roger Ailes. Out!… Bill O’Reilly. God knows where he is now. That whole place was a sleaze factory, and they’re calling Avenatti out on sleaze?”

Huntsman pointed to serious issues facing networks like CBS to say “isolating Fox isn’t necessarily fair.” Hostin shot back, “I’m isolating Fox ’cause they’re calling him a creepy porn lawyer.”

You can watch the video above, via ABC.

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