The View Thrashes Trump for Smearing Hurricane Victims: The Race Card ‘Can’t Get Any Bigger Than This’


The View tore into President Donald Trump on Tuesday for his broad characterization of Hurricane Dorian refugees as criminals.

The panel kicked off the show by reviewing how Trump warned of “gang members,” “drug dealers,” and “very bad people” when asked about visa requirements blocking Bahamians from America in the storm’s aftermath. Joy Behar called Trump “so despicable” on this account, noting that the president just came off of cancelling a Camp David invitation to members of the Taliban.

“It’s just cruel,” Sunny Hostin followed up. “It’s inhumane. He lacks humanity.”

Meghan McCain noted that Florida Republican senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott have appealed to Trump about letting Bahamians into the U.S. given their dire circumstances.

Abby Huntsman found Trump’s position unsurprising because “he goes there every time there is a natural disaster or any time there is a problem with refugees or people trying to flee their country.” This led to Whoopi Goldberg asking “How do you not look at this man and say this is a racial problem?”

“People are constantly saying ‘you always talk about race.’ Well, this is the race card,” she continued. “The card can’t get any bigger than this. How are people expected to look at this man who’s supposedly leading us and not be taken aback? The island is gone!”

McCain eventually brought the conversation to Behar’s point about the Taliban, saying that Trump “okay with terrorists” but “not okay with refugees from a hurricane.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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