Whoopi Goldberg Says She Might Enter The GOP Race On The View: ‘I Got Some Damn Delegates’

Barbara Walters took a brief detour from pop psychology studies and “Dance Moms” footage to run down the list of Super Tuesday primary winners for The View panel this morning, noting Mitt Romney‘s ever-expanding lead (although he is still several hundred delegates short of securing the nomination). She also checked in on Newt Gingrich, referring to him as “your favorite person,” directed at an unspecified member of the panel, thought it was probably guest host Raven Symoné?

The hosts also took a quick moment to discuss the possibility of Sarah Palin stepping in as a candidate if the indecision continued right up until the Republican convention. The panelists with the strongest reaction to this news were Joy Behar, who cried “Please, God, say it’s true…for the sake of this show and my stand-up act;” Sherri Shepherd, who proposed that Whoopi Goldberg produce a Sarah Palin musical (in addition to her current role producing the musical adaptation of “Sister Act”) on Broadway, and Whoopi herself, who seemed totally fed up with all the hullabaloo. Maybe she’ll throw her hat in the ring for the Republican nomination.

“I got some damn delegates!” She said.

It’s good to know that Republican voters still have plenty of options.

You can see the clip here via ABC:

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