The View’s Abby Huntsman Shocked by Tucker Carlson’s Pay Equality Remarks: ‘Different From the Tucker I Know’


Abby Huntsman was dismayed on Thursday as she spoke to her colleagues on The View about Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and his recent comments about “men in decline” due to pay equality.

Carlson said on his show Wednesday night that women making more money than men leads to increased incarceration rates and substance abuse. The entire View panel was taken aback by his remarks, but Huntsman, a former Fox Newser who co-hosted Fox and Friends with Carlson on weekends, took the lead by expressing her disappointment.

“I anchored a show with Tucker…This is so different than the Tucker I know. He was so supportive of my career and wanted me to succeed. He’s also a big proponent of marriage and families – that’s probably the biggest thing for him – but he was always great to anyone he worked with: people of different backgrounds, immigrants. He loved helping them out…”

Joy Behar challenged Huntsman on whether Carlson really has a “heart of gold” based on his show.

“I’m just saying, it goes against the person that I know,” Huntsman pushed back.

Meghan McCain, also formerly of Fox News, said it was “a pleasure” working with Carlson, but that with the segment he made a really “convoluted” and self-contradicting point about women in the work force.

The panel continued to debate Carlson’s segment, with Whoopi Goldberg arguing against his claim that marriage is in decline because most women marry men for money rather than love.

“You can’t be mad at that person because they are making more money than you, and you can’t demean them for making more money than you. You can’t blame them because you’re not making as much money as she’s making. You can’t be pissed at her about that.”

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