The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck Calls Chris Brown’s Twitter Rant ‘Verbal Rape’

The View‘s “Hot Topic” of the day took on Chris Brown‘s Twitter war with the previously little-known comedian Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5).

The R&B singer, who became one of the most reviled men in showbusiness back in 2009 for assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna, found himself in a vicious back-and-forth with Johnson on Sunday afternoon.

It all started when Johnson responded to Brown’s tweet that “I look old as f**k. I’m only 23…” with “I know! Being a worthless piece of s**t can really age a person.” From there, the attacks from Brown got more vulgar with Johnson holding her own as well.

Whoopi Goldberg struggled to convey the profanity-laced tweets with the necessary bleeps, leading Elisabeth Hasselbeck to conclude “it seems like verbal rape to me” and going so far as to say that both parties should be banned from Twitter forever. Ultimately, Chris Brown disabled his own Twitter account, while Jenny Johnson is becoming something of a feminist folk hero whose follower base is growing by the minute.

Unsurprisingly, it was Sherri Shepherd who came to Brown’s defense as she has done repeatedly during the years after his assault on Rihanna.

In the end, The View‘s hosts could agree that neither party in this Twitter dispute is a particularly good role model for the millions of young people following along at home.

Watch below, via ABC:

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