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Elizabeth Hasselbeck Disses Mark Zuckerberg: Only Influential “On Gnat-Moving Scale”

Well, it’s pretty clear WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can get himself booked on The View.

The hosts chuckled at TIME‘s selection of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg as Billionaire Person of the Year, conceding that, sure, Facebook is clearly a global big deal and Zuckerberg’s obviously smart.

But the Viewsters say the guy who’s really POTY-worthy is Assange.

“He’s more influential,” said Joy Behar, reminding viewers POTY’s not a popularity contest, and that among the previous cover boys is Adolph Hitler. But the real put-down came from Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who said you bet, lots and lots of people are on the Facebook:

“On that little sort of gnat-moving scale Mark Zuckerberg is influential, but I think over time, in terms of security, wars, et cetera, Assange will end up being the more influential…”

Then Behar agrees, and says international affairs and leaked classified cables trump “the Friendsbook,” which she said “was nice.” Oh, my gravy.

Watch it here, from ABC:

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