The View’s Jedediah Bila: Meryl Streep’s Anti-Trump Speech ‘Marginalizes People’

Speaking about Meryl Streep’s much-discussed anti-Trump speech at last night’s Golden Globes, The View’s Jedediah Bila remarked that Hollywood has a lack of “diversity of thought” and said that Streep targeting President-elect Donald Trump “marginalizes people.”

With the conversation centered on Fox News personality Meghan McCain’s criticism of Streep’s speech, saying that is why Trump won, co-host Whoopi Goldberg claimed that Hollywood used to be run by the right-wing, referencing McCarhtyism, before pivoting to her belief that liberal celebrities have been impacted for controversial political remarks more than conservatives have.

Bila then chimed in, saying if you had “an awards show like this, if you had more diversity of thought represented, it seems like every time an issue is brought up, it’s a center-left issue.” Following Goldberg’s protests that it isn’t “that kind of awards show,” Bila brought up some more of Streep’s comments from her speech.

Highlighting the actress slamming football and MMA, Bila then wondered how Trump voters who like Streep feel, saying that’s not what Trump said and “that’s not what I’m about,” adding that it “marginalizes people.”

Watch the clip above of Goldberg’s and Bila’s exchange, via ABC.

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