The View’s Joy Behar: Fox News is ‘Brainwashing’ Viewers

The View co-host Joy Behar accused Fox News of “brainwashing” its viewers during the show this week.

Behar made the remark after fellow co-host Abby Huntsman claimed she was “very surprised” that Republicans are still backing President Donald Trump on the Ukraine controversy.

“I care about what’s right for this country, and I believe that Republicans care about what’s right,” declared Huntsman. “So with the Ukraine thing I’ve been very surprised at still how in lock step Republicans have been with this president despite what we now know.”

Behar replied, “You know what? They keep listening to Fox… They listen to Fox News. That’s the problem. Stop watching Fox News.”

As the audience claps then clapped, Behar added, “The brainwashing is over there!”

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