The View’s Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Clash: ‘It’s Unfair’ to Blame Me for Trump’s ‘Sins’

The View hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar debated why Republicans continue to back President Donald Trump despite the countless controversies that have plagued him.

“Based just on that kind of treasonous behavior, why does the party stick with him? Why?” Behar pressed, referencing Trump’s denial of Kim Jong Un’s involvement in North Korea’s murder of American citizen Otto Warmbier.

“Because the alternative being presented in front of a lot of Republicans is socialism, third-term abortions, things that I just could never get behind and you have to present something that is rational,” McCain replied.

After Behar suggested Republican voters don’t know what they’re talking about in reference to late-term abortions and socialism, McCain defensively pushed back.

“I’m a highly educated woman, I know exactly what those things mean,” she said. “And I understand what Bernie Sanders is presenting in front of me and I do not agree with it.”

McCain also explained she is “a small government, America first conservative,” rather than a supporter of Trump, who she believes is too extreme — much like Democrats, who are “too radical for” The View personality as well.

The daughter of the late Senator John McCain concluded by saying “it’s unfair” when she and co-host Abby Huntsman — the two conservative voices on the show — are “asked to be responsible for the sins of this administration.”

“Nobody’s asking you to do that,” Behar shot back.

Earlier in the segment, McCain emphasized her focus on Trump’s talks with North Korea over the Michael Cohen hearing.

“First and foremost, I don’t know if this makes me a good analyst or a bad analyst, but I really was more interested in what was going on with Kim Jong Un and feeling great sympathy and compassion for Otto Warmbier’s family,” she said. “The things that the president said about not believing that North Korea had tortured and killed him, which they did, and the human rights violations that continue to be sort of OK’d in our country.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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