The View’s Nicolle Wallace on Palin Brawl: ‘It’s Exactly What It Looks Like’

On Monday, The View took some time to catch up on the latest on the alleged snowmobile party brawl that Sarah Palin and her family were reportedly involved in last week. After Whoopi Goldberg did her best dramatic reading of Palin’s latest Facebook post subtly addressing the incident, the show turned to resident Palin expert Nicolle Wallace, who gave her take on the matter.

“Sometimes with the Palins it’s exactly what it looks like, right?” Wallace, worked for the McCain/Palin 2008 campaign said, to audible groans from the audience. “This was a family night out it would appear and one of the kids, one of the sons got into a fight. And the family rushed to their defense, which is admirable, I think, up to the point when everyone is punching other kids in the face.”

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As for reports that Palin shouted, “Do you know who I am?” Wallace said, “I think they did and I think therein laid part of the problem for them.”

“Said so diplomatically, I can tell you were in politics for years. That was perfect,” Rosie O’Donnell commended her.

“I have seen a few of these passioned Palin encounters,” Wallace added, even more diplomatically. “And they do stick together in a way that I think we all hope our families would for us.”

Watch video below, via ABC:

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