The View‘s Republican Hosts Tussle Over a Possible Kasich 2020 Run: ‘That’s INSANE!’


On The View on Monday, the hosts discussed potential opposition to President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, to include possible conservative or Republican challengers. Abby Hunstman brought up perennial candidate John Kasich, and co-host Meghan McCain had a spontaneously aghast reaction.

To start that portion of the conversation, co-host Sunny Hostin brought up the RNC’s announced commitment to Trump’s reelection.

“The only thing that I will say that I noticed over the weekend is that the GOP tweeted out and said that they,” began Hostin, then after a brief exchange with McCain continued.

“I think the GOP tweeted out and said that they are now endorsing President Trump for 2020,” she said, “and I was very surprised at that because, one, there hasn’t been a primary and so I felt that it was discouraging challengers on the right and I thought, wow, after this shutdown I thought that I would see more of a break away from President Trump, but instead I thought that I saw Republicans sort of coming together.”

“That’s not totally uncommon for an incumbent,” Hunstman responded. “The question that I would ask to both of you is: where do Republicans that are frustrated, whether you’re moderate or whether you are an Ann Coulter, where do you go?”

McCain pointed out that she is being accused of leading a “mass exodus” from the GOP because she said she won’t be voting for Trump. “So it is a way to discourage diversity within the party,” she said.

“That being said, anyone who’s trying to primary Trump is a pipe dream and it’s never going to happen,” said McCain, noting to Hostin that 80% of Republicans support Trump.

That’s when Huntsman dropped the K-Bomb: “I think John Kasich could run as a more, either an independent or a moderate.”

“Abby!” said the flabbergasted McCain. “That’s insane!”

“I’m not saying he’s going to win,” said Huntsman.

“I love you but that’s crazy!” said McCain.

There was more back-and-forth, more banter than battle, with McCain eventually saying “John Kasich is not a conservative. John Kasich is in it for himself.”

“I’m just saying he could run as a Republican moderate,” said Huntsman, prompting a shout of “yes” from the audience.

McCain turned toward the audience member and said “Ma’am, are you a Democrat? Because this is a Democratic pipe dream.”

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