Harris Faulkner Pushes Back After The View’s Sunny Hostin Questions Diversity at Fox News


Anchor for Outnumbered: Overtime and co-host of Outnumbered Harris Faulker of Fox News was a guest on The View Thursday, where she talked about being, as View co-host Sunny Hostin put it, the “only woman of color with her own daily show” on the network.

“When I turn on Fox — and I do sometimes — and I see you,” said Hostin, “I feel like I’m looking at a unicorn.”

“It’s fascinating to me,” she added. Hostin noted that Faulkner herself was opposed to the kneeling protests of the NFL originally started by Colin Kaepernick, and that she and the network have been criticized for coverage of issues that “affect the black community.”

“Do you get flak from the black community and for being the only black woman on Fox News?”

Faulkner said she gets flak “from everybody.”

“You have been in that environment so you know, and you have been in broadcast for a long time, and we have talked at other points. I get flak from everybody,” said Faulkner. “Which is how I know I’m living my truth.”

Hostin re-addressed the question, asking, “Do you feel responsible to the black community?”

“I feel responsible to everyone,” Faulkner replied, to applause from the crowd.

She also made an interesting observation.

“I know you say the only one on Fox,” she said to Hostin. “Where is MSNBC’s? Where is CNN’s? I think HLN, and that’s new.”

It’s interesting that Fox News was singled out for having only one solo daily host who is a woman of color, when CNN and MSNBC don’t have any. Although it is also worth noting that there are male “hosts of color” on the daily lineup for both MSNBC and CNN.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of The View.

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