The Weather Channel Bashes Bill Belichick After Coach Insults Meteorologists

Has anyone noticed that the Weather Channel’s become way sassier and viral-y ever since they stole Sam Champion? Because they’re trying to start a feud with Bill Belichick after the New England Patriots coach insulted meteorologists during a press conference, saying that no one accurately predicted the weather conditions of their games: “If I did my job the way they did theirs, I’d be here about a week.”

“In my experience, going with the forecasts in this area two days before the game — I’d bet a lot that they’re wrong, based on history,” Belichick mumble-growled during a recent press conference, causing a series of “ooooooh”s when the clip was replayed in the Weather Channel’s studio.

“Them’s fighting words,” a weatherman gasped, before rebutting with a series of facts: not only did The Weather Channel accurately predict the temperature in every city playing an NFL game on Sunday, with a 1.4-degree margin of error, they also predicted that the Patriots would beat the Denver Broncos due to the weather.

“So Coach, maybe you should watch us,” he finished triumphantly, before adding that The Weather Channel has an app.

(Note to the Weather Channel: as funny as this is, your feud-starting is ill-advised. One does not “start feuds” with Bill Belichick. One simply places their head on a curb and anticipates the moment that Bill stomps on it.)

Watch below via the Weather Channel:

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