The Weather Channel’s Stephanie Abrams Says Some Very Dirty Things About Weather

Apparently Stephanie Abrams over at The Weather Channel gets her patter from unused Austin Powers scripts. Recently, she was giving her report on a coming snow storm when she started describing it as a…well, you should just listen to it. Seriously, you don’t need that dirty a mind to misconstrue what she’s talking about.

In the clip, a voice off camera (Al Roker?) begins laughing uncontrollably at Abrams’ report while she claims she has no idea that she said anything wrong. We’ve got our doubts about that. BuzzFeed’s Tanner Ringerud summed it up best by pointing out “Nobody actually talks about the weather like that.” In fact, I think you can even catch a bit of a smile on Abrams face as she explains that the storm is “just the way we like it.”

The video was captured by YouTube user stevend1981 who titled it as “Stephanie Abrams talking dirty again.” Again? Sure enough, he or she has another amazing Abrams video involving her discussion of seamen. In that one, I don’t think there’s any chance she didn’t know what she was saying. I mean, “seamen?” Clearly we need to watch more Weather Channel. Sure, my cell phone gives me weather updates for my exact area instantly, but it never says anything like this.

We’ve included both clips in the video below:

(h/t BuzzFeed and stevend1981)

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