‘They Are at War With Us!’: Geraldo and Pirro Have Heated Debate on Radical Islamists

PicMonkey Collage - GeraldoAs Fox & Friends continued with their examination of the San Bernardino shooting, Geraldo Rivera and Judge Jeannine Pirro got in a spirited fight with a discussion about gun control and how the shooting reflects the dangers of Islamic extremism.

The discussion began when Rivera cautioned that even though Syed Farook may have defrauded the immigration system with his marriage to his Saudi wife Tashfeen Malik, America has seen plenty of homegrown terrorists, and placing visa restrictions on Middle Eastern nations would mean a broad change to the migration system.

Pirro then said that Malik’s potential radicalization of her husband indicates that the government wouldn’t be able to vet Syrian refugees coming to America either, and that people need to acknowledge potential problems regardless of political incorrectness.

When Rivera pushed back that America deals with other kinds of extremists, Pirro responded that he was “misconstruing” her argument, and that extremists from other countries “are at war with us.”

“What’s happening is the Muslim jihadists want to kill us,” Pirro said, “If we ignore that, we are suckers.”

While Rivera later acknowledged that some of the perpetrators behind acts of mass violence in America were Muslims, he pressed on that the reason they were able to do the damage they did was part of easy access to guns. This led to its own contentious back and forth.

Watch above, via Fox.

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