‘They Defamed Me!’ Michelle Fields Speaks Out on Dropped Battery Charges Against Lewandowski

'They Defamed Me!' Fields Speaks Out on Dropped Battery Charges Against Lewandowski 

PicMonkey Collage - FieldsBrian Stelter scored an interview with Michelle Fields on Reliable Sources Sunday morning for her first TV appearance since Florida prosecutors dropped the charges she attempted to bring against Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski .

When addressing the various media figures who deemed Fields’ charges against Corey Lewandowski a “joke”, the former Breitbart reporter emphasized that the alleged arm-grabbing wasn’t nearly as much the center of commotion as were the retaliatory smears that Trump’s camp threw her way.

When asked whether she acted unprofessionally by approaching Trump’s “protective bubble,” Fields shot back that that argument was “ridiculous” and that it was “sketchy” that the independent source cited by prosecutors in their decision actually came at the suggestion of the Trump camp.

“You look at the prosecutors and his wife’s social media. They are at Donald Trump’s resort all of the time. You look at the prosecutors wife owns a PR firm. You look at the PR firm’s website and she talks about why you should work with her PR firm because she has lots of great working relationships and the first picture is her and Donald Trump and her and Trump’s wife. I can’t speak for anyone else but if I were a prosecutor and my wife was trying to monetize her relationship with Donald Trump and it’s right on her website, I would recuse myself in that situation.”

Fields went on to say again that she never wanted to go to the police or have the exchange with Lewandowski blow up, but that he never tried to apologize – despite his insistence otherwise – and that she had no other choice after the fallout. When asked if she would pursue a defamation suit, Fields said that she wouldn’t rule it out.

Watch above, via CNN.

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