‘They’re Just Gonna Piss it Away’: Neil Cavuto Fires Off Against Washington Spending


While speaking with conservative economist and actor Ben Stein on today’s broadcast of Fox Business’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, host Neil Cavuto used a bit of blue language to express disagreement with the political commentator regarding taxes on the rich.

Stein disagreed with the notion that taxes need to be cut for the wealthy, claiming that it would only increase the deficit and add more to the debt burden for future generations.

“We have a capital surplus in this county, not a capital shortage,” Stein noted. “Why would we even consider cutting taxes on rich?”

After chastising Stein for essentially throwing up his hands on getting federal spending under control, Cavuto then said it wasn’t the effort to increase revenues.

“I’m just telling you when you give up the fight and throw more money at Washington they’re just gonna piss it away,” the Fox host stated.

Stein responded by telling Cavuto that he doesn’t believe he’s allowed to use that kind of language on the air and that he’s likely to be arrested soon by the “thought police.” He added that he doesn’t think government spending is “pissing it away” and that much of it goes to “worthy goals.”

Recently, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced that a major tax reform plan is coming “very soon” and that the tax cuts will end up paying for themselves due to increased economic growth.

Watch the exchange above, via Fox Business.

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