Things Get Horribly Awkward When Fiorina Refuses to Say If Clintons ‘Have a Real Marriage’

screen_shot_2016-01-14_at_7.59.39_pmSweet Jesus did things get uncomfortable on MSNBC Thursday night following the undercard GOP debate. Hardball host Chris Matthews cornered Republican candidate Carly Fiorina on a very simple question that she utterly refused to answer:

“Do you believe the Clintons have a real marriage?”

Matthews brought this up because, at the start of the debate, Fiorina jabbed at the Clintons’ marriage, saying that she actually likes spending time with her husband.

Fiorina — who by and large seemed to impress the gathered crowd in South Carolina during her debate performance — refused to answer directly, instead opting for “They’ve been married for a very long time.” She added a (forced?) smile for good effect.

“So it’s a real marriage?” Matthews pressed.

Fiorina wouldn’t budge. “They’ve been married for a long time.”

As Matthews grew visibly frustrated, a terribly awkward silence that seemed to go on as long as the Clinton’s 41 year marriage pervaded precious airtime. “Why are you hiding from an answer?”

Matthews dug in, but Fiorina predictably scrambled and changed the subject to something way off track, and the camera cut away from Matthews, denying the audience the sweet sweet pleasure of seeing his facial expressions.

Watch the truly bizarre video above from MSNBC.
[image via screengrab]

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