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Think Rutgers Was Bad? Wait Til You Meet SNL’s Horrifying Coach Sheila Kelly

Saturday Night Live took on the Rutgers University abusive coach scandal by revealing their own “Outside the Lines” investigation of the “reign of terror” of Middle Delaware State’s horrifying coach Sheila Kelly (played by host Melissa McCarthy) whose abuses made Rutger’s Mike Rice seem gentle.

In exclusive video obtained by the show, Coach Kelly is seen shouting, cursing, and throwing basketballs at her female players. She also shoots a t-shirt gun at them, throws bricks at them from atop a ladder, and threatens them with a baseball bat as they attempt shots while on rollerskates. She even forces her players to serve her meals.

Bill Hader‘s investigative reporter also obtained footage of Coach Kelly going into classrooms and throwing basketballs and tasering her own basketball players as part of her disciplinary measures. One-time assistant coach Kenny Watkins claimed those tapes didn’t even show the worst of it — but when he returned hours later to reveal the footage, he took a much nicer tone while recovering from a suspicious nose injury.

The intimidation didn’t end there. When Hader finally scored an interview with Kelly herself, she held a basketball the entire time. Lo and behold, upon completion of the interview, Hader too suffered from a bloody nose.

Move over, Mike Rice. There’s a new abusive coach in town.

Watch below, via NBC:

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