This CNN Anchor Doesn’t Like Wilmore Calling Him the ‘British Don Lemon’

CNN International anchor Errol Barnett will not take humorous comparisons to his American colleague Don Lemon lying down.

During Monday evening’s Nightly Show on Comedy Central, Larry Wilmore played a clip of Barnett and and his co-anchor Zain Asher discussing the so-called “obesity epidemic.” Barnett reacted to news about an European Union court deciding that obesity is a disability with the comment: “Eyebrows up here.”

“Calm down, British Don Lemon,” Wilmore joked.

The quip was but a grain of sand in the beach that was Wilmore’s long, self-deprecating monologue on obesity around the world. But Barnett took notice anyway, and tweeted a jokey jab in return:

He later informed his fans that he will, indeed, “calm down” during an upcoming broadcast:

Watch the Wilmore clip below, via Comedy Central:

[h/t CNNCommentary]

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