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This Exists: Justin Bieber’s Dorky Impersonation Of President Obama On Conan

Following a disappointing evening at the Grammy Awards Sunday night, teen pop sensation Justin Bieber stopped by the studies of Conan O’Brien for the standard talk show fare. A rather unremarkable segment turned suddenly interesting as Bieber retold his visit to Oval Office, where in he did his best President Obama impersonation. Social anthropologists could have a field day trying to break down the multiple influences of race, music, pop culture and language in the following clip, courtesy of TBS.

In the event you are just waking from a coma, Justin Bieber is the 16 year-old Canadian kid who has moved lots of music units and caused shopping mall riots with his adoring fans of mostly pre-teen girls. He is a protege of pop-star Usher, and his musical style is in the style of pop R&B. As many 16 year-old kids, his communication style is often littered with hip-hop patois, which makes his impersonation of Obama seem so strange. Put another way, here is a skinny white kid who has made millions of dollars co-opting a traditionally African-American art form impersonating the first African-American president in what might be described as a dorky white guy voice.

Perhaps this is the best evidence to date that we are living in a post-racial world? Watch the clip below and see for yourself.


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