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This Exists: Local Boston TV Station Reports On Seniors Fist Fighting Over A Ceramic Easter Bunny

Happy Easter! Nothing says “holiday cheer” like seniors threatening to assault each other over holiday decorations, and this local Boston news story delivers: 75-year-old Robert Bailey is taking 73-year-old Larry Quinn to court for surrounding his (Quinn’s) home in ceramic bunnies, and has even threatened to assault him. This was Salisbury, Massachusetts big crime story of the day last night.

The news anchor delivered the news with a straight face and a hilarious “Hopping Mad” news graphic behind her, turning it over to the poor reporter that had to chase down both Quinn and Bailey for comment. While the former declined, the latter appeared enraged by all the hoopla, since this isn’t exactly out-of-character for him. “In a ten-year span, Bailey has filed 38 complaints on his neighbors,” the police reported, while one neighbor decried Bailey as a “village terrorist” that has everybody “afraid.”

Of that neighbor, Bailey asked, “Did you see the Big Kahuna?” before announcing, “I assaulted him!” (but immediately saying “no” when asked if that was true). The town’s police chief, the station reports, has given up on caring, while the officer assigned to the mess called everyone involved in the case “grumpy old men.”

The hilarious segment via WHDH in Boston below:

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