This Exists: Rick Sanchez Escapes A Sinking Car

sanchez_9-24CNN’s anchor Rick Sanchez wanted to show his audience about the dangers of being trapped in a car underwater – and the proper procedure to get out.

But when you’re Rick Sanchez, that entails being physically submerged in water and going through the process yourself.

“This is one of those stories that really makes you fight your demons,” said Sanchez, standing on the bank of a Miami waterway. “My father always told me, ‘If you’re scared, say you’re scared.’ Guess what folks? I’m a little scared.”

After a “dry run” it was time for “the real thing.” Sanchez went through four different escapes, to varying levels of success. It actually was a very informative segment, and obviously, most importantly – made for great TV.

Sanchez has always been one of the reporters/anchors looking to get out and “live” the story. He recently goaded his guest to put him in a chokehold, but his most famous “live the story” moment was the time he got tased. He still hasn’t gotten waterboarded – maybe that will be next.

“One of those moments you almost wish you hadn’t done,” said Sanchez at the end of the report. Key word – almost.

Check it out:

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