This Exists: Texas News Station Fox4 Stages On-Air Theft To Help Identify Perp

The nighttime news team for Dallas-Ft. Worth’s Fox4 News put together quite an interesting little experiment for their viewers. In order to see how well their audience fared as eye witnesses, the team staged an on-air theft, with a man coming on set and stealing co-anchor Heather Hays‘ purse during the nighttime broadcast. Viewers were then asked to identify the perp in a lineup.

TV critic Ed Bark breaks down the experiment on his blog, calling Fox4 “a station that continues to be more experimental by far than any of its local news competitors.”

The staged purse snatching was bookended by an interview with Craig Watkins, Dallas County’s district attorney, who spoke about a proposed state bill that would impact the way police lineups are carried out in Texas, including keeping the investigator leading the lineup from knowing who the police’s prime suspect is, lest they influence witnesses with, say, body language.

Fox4’s Facebook page also got in on the action, asking fans for their thoughts on the segment. (They also shared this.)

Watch the video, courtesy Texas’ Fox4:

Bill Would Change Photo Lineup Process:

h/t Uncle Barky’s Bytes

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