This Happened: Little Boy Gets Arm Stuck In Gumball Machine

It is, really, the perfect metaphor for life: You try to grasp at something good, something sweet, only to have life trap you in place, keeping you down, keeping you stuck. And one little boy learned the hard way that life will attempt to screw over your chance at happiness at every turn.

Two-year-old Terrell Parks had to be helped out by local Texarkana firefighters after his arm became stuck inside a gumball machine. Oh, how like life! Said one firefighter: “As far as helping someone out, that is a normal rescue. But as far as getting an arm out of a gumball machine, that is not a normal rescue.” There you have it.

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Terrell was eventually freed from the machine after it was taken apart, piece by piece. And, tenacious child that he is, Terrell held fast to his gumball the entire time.

Do have a look at what happened, via GMA:

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