This Happened: Man Uses A Secret, Homemade Ingredient To Keep Kids Off His Property (His Urine)

Albert Einsig and I have a lot in common. We’re both pretty cute, we can both rock a jaunty plaid pant like few can, and the pair of us utterly loathe the rude, noisy children who live near us and constantly feel the need to hang out right outside our doors.

But while I deal with them by muttering under my breath when I pass them in the hallway and complaining about them in a blog post, Mr. Einsig elected to take a different, more creative path: He splashed a bucket of urine down his house’s steps and onto the sidewalk. A bold move.

He was eventually given a citation for using his “piss bucket” — a citation he admits he deserves — but says all he wants is a little peace and quiet. And maybe a vat of Kool-Aid and several dozen spears of asparagus.

Have a look at Einsig’s story. You know you want to:

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