‘This is a Controversy’: Karl Rove Hits Trump for Potentially ‘Terrible’ Mistake of Inviting Putin to Next Year’s G7


Former Bush deputy chief of staff Karl Rove said on Fox News Monday it would be terrible “politically” for President Donald Trump to  invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the G-7 next year.

“Look, the G-7, the G-8 tossed them out and made themselves into the G7 because he violated international norms and invaded his neighbor and stole territory,” Rove put it plainly.

“Granted, it’s a problem. I hear the president when he says, ‘We were talking about a lot of things that concerned Russia and they weren’t here and now we’re going to have to talk to them outside our club, if you will, of G7,'” Rove continued.

“On the other hand I think it would be terrible for the president politically to invite them next year, particularly if it’s at his club in Doral, to come to the G7 and make it the G8 again over first of all, the opposition of his partners, and second of all, in the middle of a presidential election year,” Rove said. Trump on Monday repeatedly floated the idea that next year’s G-7 be hosted at Trump National in Doral.

Trump has also repeatedly called for Russia to be brought back into the economic conference, and said he may even invite Putin as his guest. He claimed that Russia was kicked out of the G-7 because Russia embarrassed President Barack Obama by “outsmarting” him. “President Obama was not happy that this happened because it was embarrassing to him, right? It was very embarrassing to him. And he wanted Russia to be out of the what was called the G8,” Trump said.

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