‘This Is A Death Sentence!’: TV Host’s Intense Battle With 14-Year-Old Girl Over GMO Foods

Should scientists be “meddling with nature” by genetically modifying foods? Do anti-GMO activists unwittingly cause more deaths around the world by trying to squash scientific developments in the field? Would the mandated labeling of GMO products be an effective compromise? Are there enough independent studies confirming the value of GMOs?

These questions sound like the perfect fodder for a cable news debate among experts and researchers from universities, think-tanks, food companies, etc. But on CBC last week, these questions were part of an intense debate between The Lang & O’Leary Exchange host Kevin O’Leary and an articulate 14-year-old girl named Rachel Parent.

Parent is the teenage anti-GMO activist who founded “Kids Right to Know,” an organization that advocates for expanded labeling of genetically-modified foods and discourages the consumption of such products. O’Leary, the businessman best known as a co-host of ABC’s Shark Tank, took issue with what he saw as Parent’s outright objection to the use of science in potentially improving the yield and nutritional value in foods.

The ensuing debate was surprisingly intense. The pair went head-to-head for at least 14 minutes, with O’Leary ultimately concluding that his teenaged counterpart will change her mind as she grows older.

Watch the entire segment below, via CBC:

[h/t Salon]

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