‘This is Encouraging Economic Blackmail’: CNN Panelist Slams Trump’s Carrier Deal

keith-boykineditedDuring a panel discussion surrounding the announcement that Carrier would keep a thousand jobs in Indiana after coming to a deal with President-elect Donald Trump and VP-elect (and current Indiana Governor) Mike Pence, one panelist revealed he wasn’t a big fan.

CNN political commentator Keith Boykin noted that nobody knows the details of the deal and that it is possible Trump and Pence “could have given away the house.”

After a bit more discussion, host Erin Burnett brought up Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail about Nabisco moving jobs to Mexico and how he wasn’t going to eat Oreos anymore. She then wondered if this was going to lead to more instances of him calling up specific companies to try to get them to retain US jobs.

Following CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord stating that companies may decide “they don’t want a call from the president,” Boykin weighed in, saying it would be the exact opposite.

“I think they do want a call from the President of the United States because they know they can negotiate to get a better deal,” Boykin exclaimed.

“This is encouraging economic blackmail,” Boykin added, to audible groans from the rest of the panel.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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