‘This Is Moral Cowardice’: Chris Hayes Grills Ex-Trump Aide Over Creating Birther Strategy

Chris Hayes faced off with former Donald Trump adviser Sam Nunberg tonight over his role in crafting the birther strategy that helped Trump’s political career take off.

Trump made a big deal about President Obama‘s place of birth for a few years, and has continued raising questions into this year. Hayes asked Nunberg, “Do you feel like you should apologize for the role that you played in this very long episode that’s had incredibly destructive effects?”

Nunberg said no and told Hayes that Trump clearly backed off because it wasn’t a winning strategy.

Hayes asked him if he understands “that this was racist.” Nunberg said they found it wasn’t race that helped fuel this nonsense, it was “the Muslim name.”

Nina Turner reacted by saying, “Oh my God.”

Hayes confronted Nunberg about whether he actually believed any of the conspiracies, bringing up past Facebook posts where he talked about the “pan-Arabist Marxist Muslim” in the White House and “Kenyan healthcare.” Nunberg said he regrets that.

But Hayes was still bothered by his “moral cowardice,” telling him, “It seems to me like it’s just a way of avoiding responsibility. I’m just asking you to take responsibility for what you’re a party of.”

Watch how Nunberg responded above, via MSNBC.

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