comScore ‘This Is Not a Coverup!’: Kellyanne Conway Defends Comey Firing To Anderson Cooper

‘This Is Not a Coverup!’: Kellyanne Conway Defends Comey Firing To Anderson Cooper

Hours after the stunning news hit that President Donald Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway popped up on CNN for an interview with Anderson Cooper. And, yep, it was a doozy. (As has been the case in past conversations with Cooper.)

Immediately, the CNN anchor wanted to know why the White House decided to act on firing Comey now, leading to Conway to point to the letters that had been sent out by the Justice Department and President Donald Trump.

Cooper went on to note that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called what occurred today a “coverup,” causing Conway to push back.

“He’s wrong, it’s not a coverup,” the veteran pollster said. “In fact, the president makes very clear in his letter the fact that Mr. Comey on three occasions assured him he is not under investigation.”

Cooper, unimpressed after Conway repeated that Comey informed Trump he wasn’t under investigation, shot back that the president “gratuitously” added that to his letter.

And it went on like that some more, with the conversation increasingly getting heated between the two and Conway firing back that Trump is not under investigation and that this firing was all about restoring confidence in the FBI.

“I’m not sure that many people believe this doesn’t restore confidence in the FBI,” the CNN anchor said. “In fact, a lot of people are raising questions about saying that it destroys people’s confidence in the FBI.”

The whole thing is worth watching, so check out the videos above.

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