‘This Is Not a Nothingburger!’ CNN Panel Battles Over New Revelations on Trump Jr. Meeting


Today brought us even more revelations in the Donald Trump Jr./Russian meeting story, as it was reported that more people were in attendance than was previously disclosed. After it was revealed that an ex-Soviet spy and an interpreter were at the meeting, CNN reported that there was a total of eight people in the room. Emails from Trump Jr. show that the meeting was arranged with a Russian lawyer in order to gather dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government.

During a panel discussion on CNN, Trump supporter Nan Hayworth provided a number of excuses and well-worn talking points to defend Trump Jr. while arguing that the meeting wasn’t a big deal. Meanwhile, liberal political commentator Bill Press continually pushed back against her, leading to some fireworks.

The two engaged in a back-and-forth right off the bat as Hayworth concluded that there wasn’t much to be concerned about because Trump Jr. has already explained nothing was revealed in the meeting and even if there was, it wouldn’t have been illegal anyway. She also mentioned the Clinton campaign and Ukraine, something that has been raised in the conservative media lately. On the other hand, Press countered that one couldn’t state for certain that no dirt was passed on to Trump Jr. or that this was all legal behavior.

“A disproportionate amount of coverage in the media has been devoted to this, which I continue to say is a nothing pickle and a nothingburger in terms of any legal implications,” Hayworth said before rattling off a list of subjects she felt they should be talking about instead.

“I know you want to change the subject. I know you want to blame Hillary Clinton,” Press exclaimed. “No, no, no, this is not a nothingburger! When the son of a candidate says, I want this dirt from a foreign enemy of the United States, that is huge.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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