‘This is Not Crying Wolf’: Trump Testing Czar Brett Giroir Sounds the Alarm on ‘Absolutely Dangerous’ Covid Surge in Dire MSNBC Interview

As the United States gets closer to Thanksgiving, Health and Human Services assistant secretary Brett Giroir is warning that the country faces an “absolutely dangerous situation” from the coronavirus pandemic.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell interviewed Giroir on Wednesday, and as she thanked him for his “direct messaging” about the virus, she asked “why not share this information in real time with the incoming Joe Biden team, so that there can be a seamless delivery of vaccines and there can be seamless messaging from the current administration to the next?”

Giroir responded that it’s up to the General Services Administration when to initiate a transition, but Mitchell countered that “this is a public health emergency.”

“This GSA official is violating the law,” Mitchell said, “because the law says the apparent winner, not the certified winner, not the Electoral College designee, the apparent winner. Is there anything you can do with your influence, and others within the administration, to try to get past this political deadlock, in the interests of public health?”

Mitchell was referring to GSA chief Emily Murphy, a Trump-appointee who has been denying Joe Biden’s team access to government resources ahead of his incoming presidency. Giroir said he would be transparent with Biden’s administration before adding that the current pandemic data is “absolutely concerning.”

“I lose sleep at night over where we are in the pandemic right now,” he said. “This is not crying wolf. This is a time that we need to really double down, because we are at the most serious and dangerous part of the pandemic that we have been in, in the United States until this time.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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