‘This Is Such a Mess!’ O’Reilly, Kirsten Powers Clash Over Obamacare Problems

Bill O’Reilly declared Wednesday night that the Affordable Care Act, having just been implemented, is still not ready for primetime. He argued that the “sane thing to do” at this point is giving individuals a one-year waiver like what’s been given to some businesses. But Kirsten Powers pushed back and said this was “a terrible idea.”

Powers argued that the whole point is to use the mandate to draw young, healthier people into the pool, and a delay wouldn’t benefit that at all. They went back and forth on the waivers for businesses, while Kate Obenshain argued there is “no incentive for young people to sign up” in the first place.

O’Reilly said the government is going to fund it no matter what, while Powers continued to get exasperated, saying “I can’t understand what you don’t understand.” They kept shouting, with Powers pressing the point about the health insurance pool and O’Reilly crying, “This is why this is such a mess!” Obenshain slammed Obama for the “lie” that Americans won’t see costs increase, and O’Reilly concluded, “Nobody knows what the blank is going on here” because it’s “so complicated.”

Powers piped up, “It’s not complicated.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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