‘This Is the Same Dude Who Cheated On Two Different Wives’: Trevor Noah Hammers Gingrich


During the opening segment of tonight’s The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah touched on the recent Megyn Kelly-Newt Gingrich flap and torched the former Speaker of the House as someone who looks like “swollen testicles” and claimed he cheated on his former wives “for America.”

After briefly discussing Joe Biden and Donald Trump possibly setting up the “Wrinkle in the Jungle,” Noah played a clip from last night’s Fox News segment where Gingrich claimed that Kelly was “fascinated with sex” and doesn’t care about policy.

Coming to Kelly’s defense, the Comedy Central host noted that just because she interviews people who “look like Swollen testicles” doesn’t make her obsessed with sex. He followed that up by going after Newt for his blatant hypocrisy for saying someone else is sex-obsessed.

“Newt Gingrich should not be complaining that anyone is fascinated with sex,” Noah exclaimed. “This is the same dude who cheated on two different wives.”

The comedian then played video of Gingrich justifying his infidelity by saying it was due to him feeling passionately about this country. Noah ridiculed the Republican politician for trying to say he cheated on his wives for the nation.

“Get the (bleep) out of here,” Noah shouted. “Why did you cheat on your wife? ‘For America, that’s why I did it.”

He then suggested that Newt likely only has sex while standing up while the national anthem is is playing.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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