CNN Confirms Slow News Day With Segment Featuring John King, Don Lemon And a Frisbee

So, maybe you heard CNN’s hosting a Republican presidential debate next week? The preparations for the big event in New Hampshire are well underway, with a set under construction and the CNN Election Express bus serving as a backdrop to liveshots–though some of the reports, like the one this afternoon–had a decidedly low-tempo feel. CNN’s Don Lemon, in a polo shirt and admittedly pleased about being out of a studio enjoying some sunshine, took viewers inside the debate set, pointing out stars and an overhead lighting grid called “the chandelier.” The report was so laid back anchor T.J. Holmes basically laughed–and that was before things got really casual.

How casual would that be? The emergence of a crewmember named Jeremy and a frisbee. Lemon gives it a hurl, and admits “he says I throw like a girl.” (Yes, all of this happened on live television) And then CNN’s John King showed up–and got involved in the frisbee throwing.

Just watch. Here it is, from CNN:

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