This Might Be the Dumbest Wheel of Fortune Guess Ever

Let’s say you’re a Wheel of Fortune contestant. It’s the first round of the game, the category is “Song Lyrics,” and the current letters spell “S_RF C_ _Y _ERE WE COME.” What would you guess? The famous 1963 Jan & Dean lyric “Surf City here we come,” or, the completely nonsensical “Surf Clay Where We Go”?

If you chose latter, you might just be poor Stephen, a contestant on Wednesday evening’s Wheel.

During the first board of the night, Stephen excitedly jumped to answer the puzzle but man, oh man, did he have it entirely wrong. Pat Sajak‘s blunt “No” was satisfying but not nearly harsh enough; while Stephen’s bewildered face and disappointed tap on the desk says everything you need to know.

Watch below, via ABC:

And in helpful Vine format:

UPDATE — 9:57 p.m.: One intrepid commenter points out that THIS might be the “dumbest” Wheel guess of all time. It might be a toss-up.

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