This Week in Media Buffoonery: Obamacare Elitism, Fox’s Ablow Still at It, and More!

Uhh, What? GOP Rep.: ‘You Can’t Have Your Privacy Violated If You Don’t Know Your Privacy Is Violated’
During a House hearing this week, Republican Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) grilled a professor who expressed concerns over the extensive nature of NSA surveillance programs. When the professor expressed fears that privacy violations have occurred way too often, Rogers pointed to a lack of complaints as evidence that “somebody must be doing something exactly right.”

The professor asked with a slightly perplexed tone: “But who would be complaining?” And then Roger dropped this knowledge bomb: “Somebody whose privacy was violated. You can’t have your privacy violated if you don’t know your privacy is violated, right?”

Come again? So constitutional violations only exist if private citizens are aware of them. Got it.

Oh, by the way: Rogers is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Yay, government!

CNN’s Carol Costello Kinda-Sorta Joins the War Against the War on Christmas™
CNN anchor Carol Costello took to her Facebook page this week to lash out at Hallmark for removing the word “gay” from the “Deck the Halls” lyrics plastered on a new Christmas ornament. Sounds like something Bill O’Reilly would consider part of the politically-correct War on Christmas™, right? Do we have something here on which O’Reilly and Costello agree?

Kinda. But Costello sees this as a war on gay people, not on Christmas. In the Facebook post, she called the ornament move “homophobic.”

Yes, it’s a dumb move by Hallmark. But how on earth is it “homophobic” to be obnoxiously overly-sensitive about the pejorative schoolyard use of the word “gay”?

If anything, the company is insulting-people-phobic, to a degree where they make hilariously awful PC decisions like this one.
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Keith Ablow Still Goes on TV and Says Stuff. Yes, That’s Still a Thing.

Fox psychiatric expert and America’s favorite attention-whore-posing-as-a-doctor Keith Ablow makes his way onto our “Buffoonery” list once again. This time, for delivering this brilliant psychoanalysis: President Obama is “destroying America’s youth.”

How, you ask? (You probably didn’t.) Well, it all connects back to Ablow’s comments a few weeks ago: Obama supports food stamps and entitlements because he has a victim mentality developed by having a grandmother who “didn’t trust men of color.” Therefore, America’s youth is being destroyed because Obama is passing on that victimhood to the babies through Big Government programs.

*Slow clap*

We’ll just keep putting Ablow’s psychoanalyses on here until he goes away, K?
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Ted Cruz’s Father Is a Birther, and GOP Doesn’t Have Guts to Condemn Him

Video emerged this week of Ted Cruz‘s preacher father Rafael telling a crowd that conservatives should send Obama “back to Kenya.” Not exactly a good look for the conservative movement darling’s father. Yes, he’s just a politician’s father; not the politician himself. But it’s probably not a good thing to be associated with this sort of veiled racism/birtherism, right?

And, say, you know who could really benefit from condemning this sort of rhetoric? Prominent members of the GOP, conservative commentators, perhaps Cruz himself? It’s a low-cost proposition, with comparatively high benefits. Remember: McCain received a lot of good press in 2008 on that day he shushed a supporter who suggested Obama is a “secret Muslim.”

But has the GOP taken any effortless advantage of this buffoonery? Crickets.

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Obama & Defenders Think You’re Too Stupid to Know What Healthcare You Want

The Obamacare rollout hasn’t exactly been smooth. On top of failing to build a functioning website in 2013, millions of Americans have reportedly received cancellation notices from their insurers, despite Obama and the Democrats’ repeated promises that “if you like your plan, you can keep it.”

How did the president and his most ardent defenders respond to this new controversy?

Well, they could have conceded that they mischaracterized and oversimplified the promises (House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer kinda-sorta did that). They also could have said that they meant you get to keep your plan if it meets the regulatory standards set forth by the new policy. But instead, they went for the predictable politician route, saying: Well, screw you, because we know better than you what healthcare you want.

Let’s call this the “fatal conceit” or the “conceit of the anointed” — the assumption that you know better than everyone else what’s good for them because they are lowly human beings who can’t make their own choices and take responsibility for themselves.

During a healthcare speech in Boston this week, the president smarmed that even though many Americans “thought” they were going to keep the coverage they’d already had and liked, those plans really “turned out not to be so good.” We should all be so appreciative that the president is around to save us from our bad choices, right? Reason’s JD Tuccille summed it up well:

Oh, you have a case of sticker shock? But remember, your premium could have “shot up about 15 percent a year.” Whaddya mean your Obamacare-compliant plan is shooting up a hell of a lot more than that? Are you a Californian, where middle-income consumers face an average 30 percent increase in premiums on the exchanges? You must hate poor people if you don’t want to spread a little of your wealth. When you’re impoverished by the premiums, you might qualify for a subsidy, too.

Don’t think an employer’s plan will protect your preference for “substandard” coverage; the president knows better than them, too. Up to 64 percent of large employer and 80 percent of small employer plans are under the gun, too. They’re apparently just not good enough.

The president’s sentiments were echoed by some of Obamacare’s most ardent defenders:

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