This Week in Ridiculous: Palin’s Back and So Is Alec Baldwin’s Foul Mouth


MSNBC’s Alec Baldwin Calls Photog ‘Cocksucking Fag’… or Was It ‘Fathead’?
It’s well-known: Newly-minted MSNBC host and star actor Alec Baldwin has a temper streak. He tends to violently lash out when dealing with paparazzi invading his space on the street. Oh, and he can’t help but drop profanities like “cocksucking fag” and “queen” while berating them.

This week, he called a photographer the former while chasing him away. He’s defended himself as having said “fathead,” but it sounds pretty clearly like “fag” — and, either way, the “cocksucking” part is considered a demeaning phrase against gay men.

A lot of the right-wing outrage over Baldwin’s words feels like concern-trolling (many publications would otherwise be unconcerned with a right-wing TV host’s use of such “un-P.C.” words) but they have a very good point: Where is the outrage from the LGBT community over Baldwin flippantly using phrases like “cocksucking,” “fag,” or “queen” to demean and scold his enemies?

Whether or not he is actually homophobic, those are words that have been historically used to demean gay men. He could use words like “dick” or “asshole,” but the first slurs that come out of his mouth lately have been these historically anti-gay phrases. So where’s the liberal outrage? Why hasn’t he been reprimanded? Why won’t someone like MSNBC’s own Rachel Maddow step up and scold her colleague? These are all questions worth asking, even if they’re mostly being asked by concern trolls.
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Greta Van Susteren’s Epic Fail of a Mike Tyson Confrontation
On Fox News Thursday evening, Greta Van Susteren confronted Mike Tyson over his highly controversial 2011 remarks about Sarah Palin having been on the receiving end of a “wombshifter.” Except this “confrontation” was the weakest of weaksauce.

For background: Following revelations that Palin allegedly slept with basketball star Glen Rice, Tyson told a radio host in 2011 that it would’ve been more interesting if she had slept with a less gentle black man like Dennis Rodman, from whom she would’ve received a “wombshifter” and he would’ve pushed her “guts up in the back of her head.” So yeah, kinda gross and just a tad uncalled-for, don’t ya think?

Van Susteren is intimately familiar with the remarks because she went absolutely ballistic on The Daily Caller for publishing Tyson’s remarks. And yet, last night, she seemingly forgot what Tyson had said? Or her staff didn’t bother to look it up? Or she felt it would be too un-P.C. to bring up those words on TV?

It’s not clear why she neglected to challenge crazy Tyson with his own words, but whatever the reason: This was the lamest, most disappointing confrontation in recent memory.
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“Pussy-Eating” Mayor Rob Ford Is a Gift That Keeps on Giving
Never change, Rob Ford. The crack-smoking, alcohol-abusing Toronto mayor-who-won’t-quit is still in the spotlight: This week, he addressed allegations that he told a staffer he’d “eat her pussy” by quipping to the press that, thanks to his wife, he has “more than enough [pussy] to eat at home.”

Reminder: This is an elected mayor. Of the fourth-largest city in North America. Oh, he also wore a football uniform to a city council meeting during which he spoke in defense of himself.
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Sarah Palin Is Back with Book Tour; Everyone Feels Need to Interview Her
Sarah Palin‘s back in full force. This week, she was on CNN, multiple Fox shows, every radio show under the sun, etc., all in the name of hawking her new book about the pesky secular folk and their War on Christmas™.

New York‘s Dan Amira had the best send-up of her asinine thoughts on atheists “having a worse track record than the Spanish Inquisition,” but that didn’t stop the former governor from peddling fears about secularism, chucking out glib remarks about Pope Francis being a “liberal,” or making comparisons between the (yes, indeed, terrible) level of national debt and America’s deeply troubled period of slavery.

Look, there is still a contingency of conservatives who adore Palin and think she speaks in anything but platitudes with an oversimplified, hokey demeanor. So it’s easy to understand why the cable nets feel the need to put her on-air: She draws ratings.

Remember over the summer when Daily Show fill-in host John Oliver pleaded with the media to just ignore her, rather than feed her with unwarranted attention? Look at two of the stories in this piece itself and you’ll understand how much media pull she has.
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WaPo Columnist’s Incredibly Bizarre Passage About Interracial Marriage and ‘Gag Reflexes’
Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen simply cannot avoid controversy. This week, his fairly milquetoast column about Christie’s electoral chances in an Iowa caucus went sour when he added a completely bizarre, incoherent passage about “conventional” conservatives believing interracial marriage to be disgusting and “gag”-worthy. And don’t even get him started on lesbians.

Outrage and mockery ensued, mostly because no one could figure out whether Cohen was projecting his own views on interracial marriage, or whether he was that ignorant of national polling data on the subject.

Pretty safe to say that Cohen has overtaken Thomas Friedman and David Brooks for the crown of “Most Widely-Mocked Columnist in America.”
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