This Week: Karl Rove and David Plouffe Spar Over ‘Mission Accomplished’

In an extended ABC This Week segment in which Obama adviser David Plouffe and Fox News contributor Karl Rove traded talking points, there were a few fireworks right at the end. After Rove spent most of his time attacking the CBO (a sport of political convenience), and Plouffe pushed back against the idea that Democrats would be better off letting health care reform die, the pair revisited a Bush-era battle over the “Mission: Accomplished” banner.

It all began with Plouffe responding to Rove’s prediction of electoral devastation for the Dems in November. Karl and a lot of Republicans want to call the election all over, they ought to break out that ‘Mission: Accomplished’ banner they put on the USS Abraham Lincoln. This health care reform is good for the people, and it’s going to be good for our party.”

Rove cut in, saying “David, that’s cheesy.”

He then played the “Why do you hate the troops?” card that plays like a crackling 45 record from a bygone era. Regardless of why the banner was there, it was President Bush who exploited it, and pegged it to his speech.

The show’s “In Memoriam” segment later commemorated the passing of “Mission: Impossible” star Peter Graves.

Here’s the clip:

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