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This Will Make Your Day All Better: The Cookie Monster Parody Of ‘Call Me Maybe’ Shockingly About Cookies

Perhaps your day isn’t going too great. Perhaps your commute stunk. Perhaps your boss is on your back. Perhaps you accidentally read this news story (sorry). Chances are good that you’re just not feeling that hot. Don’t worry. We have the only thing that will make this stupid day all better; Cookie Monster singing a parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ubiquitous hit “Call Me Maybe.”

Yes, this is exactly what you need.

Mr. Monster joins the likes of Jimmy Fallon and The Roots in do a version of the song to great effect.

Of course, maybe it’s just me, but the most fascinating part of all of this is the implication that Cookie Monster works in some kind of hip office environment. Now, I haven’t watched Sesame Street in a while (I stopped my DVR season pass a couple years ago), but I must have missed something. Is Cookie Monster employed by a tech start up or something?

So many questions. That’s ok. All I know is this video will make with the happy. And isn’t that what we all need?

Watch the video below:

(h/t I’m With Kanye)

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