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Three of 2013’s ‘Most Fascinating’ People Reportedly Turned Down Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters named Hillary Clinton her number one “most fascinating” person of 2013, on a list that included Miley Cyrus, Robin Roberts and the cast of Duck Dynasty. But according to a new, anonymously-sourced report from Radar Online, there were three big names that turned her down.

According to a “a source close to production” at ABC News, Jay Z, Kristen Stewart and Robert Downey Jr. all chose not to appear on Walters’ show. “The real story behind the show is who turned down a sit-down with the interview queen for her annual special,” the source said. “Typically, Barbara very carefully starts approaching people in September for the special, but she always accounts for getting turned down by some of her interview targets. They start with 30 names and narrow it down to get all the interviews done for Thanksgiving.”

To fill the Hollywood ingenue slot, Walters ended up including Jennifer Lawrence, who arguably had a more “fascinating” year than Stewart with The Hunger Games sequel and American Hustle. Instead of Jay Z, Walters ended up with that rapper’s frequent collaborator Kanye West, who appeared with his wife Kim Kardashian. And without Downey, the list was left without a male actor.

Interestingly, Walters did not get sit-down interviews with Edward Snowden, Pope Francis I or the royal baby, but that did not stop her from including them on her list.

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