Tim And Eric Make Local News Very Awkward During Very Awkward Interview

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have created and starred in multiple popular series on Cartoon Network for the past eight years. They’re signature “public access show edited by a crazy person” style has arguably become the defining aesthetic of online comedy, commercials, and, sigh, even campaign ads. However, despite their massive success, by their very nature they’re still pretty damn far from the mainstream. So woe be it to any unsuspecting Tim and Eric virgins who turned on Good Day, Austin at 8:53am last Wednesday to watch this interview promoting the duo’s new movie. By the point Heidecker was hiding behind bushes and cheerfully explaining how he wanted to burn the studio down, some viewers were probably worried there was something in their tap water.

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And kudos to Fox 7’s Joe Bickett. Honestly, we can’t tell if he’s spending the entire segment gamely playing along or desperately hoping for it all to stop but, either way, he makes a pretty perfect foil. He jokes a couple times about getting fired and needing to come work for the guys at Cartoon Network and they should totally take him up on the offer. Listening to him say their show’s title, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, over and over again is already funny enough.

Watch the clip from Fox 7 below:

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