Tim Kaine: Federal Employees Waiting Outside for Meals in DC Like ‘A Breadline Out of the Depression’


In a call for Donald Trump to re-open the government, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) blamed the president for making federal workers wait in a “breadline, like during the depression” after a Washington, D.C. restaurant offered to feed the unpaid employees.

Kaine, who made the comments while discussing the shutdown with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, explained how he believes his party should respond to Trump’s latest government funding offer, which includes all of his wall funding but little to offer Democrats.

“We should reject the president’s proposal if it’s just jammed down our throats with no chance to adjust or change it, but put it in committee where we can have a hearing about it and offer amendments to it,” Kaine said. “We should pass the bill just opening government until February 8th, to give us the opportunity to dialogue about and improve the Trump proposal. That’s what I hope we’ll do on Thursday.”

“I was at the restaurant today that [Chef] José Andrés has opened for federal employees,” the former VP candidate continued. “It’s a cold day in Washington and it looks like a breadline out of the depression. People standing out waiting in the cold to get their soup or sandwich.”

Kaine then used the administration’s constant boasting about the economy to slam Trump:

“We’re not in a depression. The White House says the economy is great and the stock market is great. So why are people waiting in a breadline, like during the depression? It’s because of this president.”

Trump’s offer, which includes $5.7 billion in wall funding, as well as three years of guaranteed protection for DACA recipients and Temporary Protected Status holders, was considered dead on arrival. Instead of a serious offer, Trump’s latest pitch has been viewed by some as a way for the administration to blame them for the shutdown, since they are voting against the president’s partisan resolution to open the government.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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