Tim Pawlenty: ‘The Last Person To Cut A Back Room Deal In American Politics Would Be Ron Paul’

Remember Tim Pawlenty? Once upon a time, when the GOP field was a lot more crowded, he had his bid for the Republican nomination. That chapter, of course, is now closed. But on Friday, Pawlenty paid a visit to Morning Joe and discussed everything from third-party candidates to the supposed “back room deal” between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. A bromance that, according to him, definitely doesn’t exist.

Pawlenty essentially said that Paul, of all people, would not be one to engage in such deals:

I know Mitt and I know Ron Paul, I really don’t believe there’s any deal … Think about Ron Paul cutting a deal as an insider to get some political favors … Probably the last person to ‘cut a back room deal’ in American politics would be Ron Paul.

He went further, adding:

Can you imagine in today’s world where everything is in the public, if more than one person knows about it, everyone knows about it, 24-hour intense media scrutiny. Then you drag Ron Paul into a back room and say, ‘hey, Ron, you do this and I’ll give you a favor.’ … It’d be all over the news.

Elsewhere in the segment, Pawlenty touched on some Romney talking points (need a leader who can balance a budget like a businessman, etc.) and looked back on his own campaign.

Watch, via MSNBC:

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